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System won't let me login.

Ok so I'm on a new phone and I've tried to sign in, put in my correct (I know this for sure because I've never changed the password to any of my games ever and they all use the same password) password and I'm told it is incorrect. so I go through the 'reset password' spiel and deca sends me a new one via email. I type that password in and it's correct, but I get a security breach notification where my only options are to again, reset my password, or change it. Naturally I try to change it. I add my old password(the one deca JUST gave me) and then type in my new desired password twice. "Incorrect password" huh? Ok, try again and make doubly sure that the "new password" and "confirm new password" are exactly alike; boom "incorrect password" I even copy-paste the password deca sent me, to make sure I'm not typing it in wrong, though it let me longin initially so I know I'm not, but I keep trying this and keep getting the same wrong password prompt. Any tips anyone?

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