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help with android emulators?

I used to use bluestacks and nox to play CH on my PC a while ago, but when I came back to the game today, I found that I wasn't able to connect to the servers on bluestacks. I downloaded the game on my phone to make sure it wasn't an issue with my internet, and sure enough it worked fine. I remember reading somewhere that the devs might discontinue support on android emulators. Since I haven't been in touch with the community/game for some time, my question(s) is:
1. Can I still play CH on an android emulator, and if so,
2. What emulator do you use/recommend?
If someone has some answers to my questions I'd appreciate it :-]

Re: help with android emulators?

ATM I am using BlueStacks on my LT and have no issues running CH other than the fact I can not figure out how to rotate my screen ...lol without useing a mouse and honestly once I figure that out I'll no-longer need it. But...
At this time I have no issues running BlueStacks.
Noxplayer is good and have heard no issues with that one either. Will try it later in the week.

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