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Re: CM Acalos

Welcome to Celtic heroes :) i readed all and i was impressed you seid you don't like single player games but you played Gothic :) ofc Gothic is the best single player games ever created , I'm a big fan , btw did you know about the new releases? The Chronicles of Myrthania it's an amazing Mod Hope you and the guys from Deca can revive and bring loot of nice things on Ch

Re: CM Acalos

Hello nice too meet you. I'm lvl 206 warrior called rayla in sever of Belenus. Thankyou for helping the game grow again
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Re: CM Acalos

Welcome Acalos!

This is my first post in roughly 7 years! Look forward to what DECA has to offer
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Re: CM Acalos


If you haven't already, I'd like to ask for you to level a toon to 220 (even if you get your lix and armour drops from the Celtic fairy gods). It would help you understand players better. Not sure if you are interested or have time, but it may also be a faster way for you to acclimated to the game.
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