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Re: Solo warrior grinding stats

What???? My 148 DL rogue only has 2.7k hp and barely restos at spider/priest/glash
Which dl pieces do you have at 148? And how many bars per lix are you getting at priest being 12 levels too low?
You're funny. I ring swap to support gear for dl. And my main is a ranger btw
You give terrible warrior advice
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Re: Solo warrior grinding stats

I'm not sure if anyone's asked about this yet, but does anyone have an idea for the fastest leveling strategy as a warrior? Lux such as regens and off hands aren't an issue, I just want someone's input on what build I should use to level quickly while playing solo without combos or potions. Currently I'm a hybrid build with tank stats and mostly vit luxury like the wyld vit ammy but dps offhand and skills. Level 106.
For warrior basic build is 3 strength and 2 vit points, 0 in dex or focus (you can put in focus if you're lacking energy) but otherwise don't. Best and strongest build is vit and str :)
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