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Re: Full support?

I’m the number one support rogue on Taranis!!!!
here’s my stats and items Hope this helps, something’s still need massive improvement like getting DG set lol,

I don’t use mount anymore for the fact It usually doesn’t last and I can use that 2.5m ish gold on items I need

Dex: 3095
Cunning: 6620
Expose: 3077
Smoke: 2187
Poison weps : 229

Helm: Shadow helm of bones +150 dex (mord helm)
OH: Glacial dagger +210 dex (shop dagger)
MH: Dagger of revenge +200 dex (corrupted gardens)
Neck: royal bloodleaf of subtlety +360 dex (CG)
Misc: skain frost +145 dex (skain)
Wrist: royal deadly ambush +170 dex +500 cunning
Wrist: mighty deadly ambush +140 +400 (gele)
Ring: 2x royal living flesh +80 dex +800 cunning
Ring: godly living flesh +100 +1000
Ring imp skulls ring +90 +900 (all rings necro)
Pet: T6 spider +180 dex
Gloves: DG +80 dex

Any question add me on line chat and maybe get a support rogue group chat going :D
RegulusBlack 222

Re: Full support?


No bt dex ammy yet tho
Nice expo any chance you can post items you use and stats :D
Royal ambush brac x2
2 imp necro cunn rings
2 godly necro cunn rings
T6 drag
Royal dex bt charm
Godly emberdrake ammy (looking for bt now)
Shad dex gele dag
200 dex offy dag
No battle mount
220 Druid SupremeDruid

Re: Full support?

Pre DG
Shout-out to Ascension




227+ Rogue
221+ Mage
200+ Warrior
220+ Mage
200 Rogue
210+ Druid

Perma banned from ch friends band for spamming no u ft. Rogue81 & W7CH


Rogue BT Kill 09/20/2019

39th Full Doch, 14th Rogue - Danu

Re: Full support?

Op Support Rogue here. For a support rogue primary stat to focus is Dexterity with Cunning being good but not as beneficial. Vitality is also going to be your friend as going down for long periods of time is never good. Currently I have a 3640 xpose and 2540 smoke.

As for pets the best options are
Salveroot Seed, Eagle, Wolf, or Dragon

For gear I run 2 Godly and 1 Imp flesh Rings and hotswaps a 4 flesh ring for smoke and expose.
Hotswapping an ingen for smokebomb skill points is more efficent then a skill ring. Two deadly ambush braces are my primary swaps along with an Ingen Brace and other standard swaps.
For necks Sub or Shadows Ammy are best.

I have in past tried to make some "budget" support rogue setups that could work at endgame bosses and sadly it doesnt work. You really need high tier tier gear to make this role work at eg raids.

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