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Celtic Heroes Database Update!

Greetings all! I come bringing some news about the (unofficial) Celtic Heroes Database.

Wait, isn't that the old, dead site that hasn't been updated in over a year?
Well...not anymore! I'm happy to announce that that is no longer the case, because the new items have finally arrived! I blame the mail system for their late delivery. They were sent to some random uninhabited place I've never heard of, Florida I think it was...
Anyways, the database is now updated with Bloodthorn's loot table, Dhiothu's loot table, and all the other items added throughout the past few updates (phoenix pets, seedlings, various fashion pieces, those uber-rare new weapons/jewelry that some people like), and much more!

Wasn't that site missing all the item images and icons too?
Was being the operative term! We now have icons for (nearly) all the items in the game! Now you can finally see what the items look like when you are checking out the stats!*

Hold on a second, what is this super cool "Celtic Heroes Database" I've never heard of? :-|
I'm glad ya asked! The Celtic Heroes Database is a fan-maintained** database of all the items in Celtic Heroes. This includes a number of miscellaneous items left over from developer testing, as well as items that are no longer available in-game. Because of that, it's great for quickly checking out item stats if you are making a Christmas wish-list for Santa, or if you just want to scroll through random game items and reminisce through previous years and how much you miss seasonal events.

So please feel free to check out the (unofficial) Celtic Heroes Database at celticheroesdb.com! I have a few ideas for future updates that I will be working on over the upcoming days/weeks, but if any of you have any ideas for neat things to add, feel free to PM me or drop them as a reply here on this thread!

*real-time live character preview unavailable in all countries except Atlantis.
*that would be so cool though, right?!?!
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Check out the player-run Celtic Heroes Database!: celticheroesdb.com!

Re: Celtic Heroes Database Update!

This is awesome. They should give you something special for this. Like make your name color different or something....
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