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Server changes

Sup, ik barely anyone reads this stuff anymore but in case any old players come back or players from other servers are interested in knowing about Danu, this is what’s happened in the last couple years:

June 2020: Kudos (long time comp clan) is largely inactive and slowly dying, until 1st wave of players leaving Ascension (dom clan) merge with Kudos to form the clan Insanity

Insanity wins a few prots and a gele, but regresses from there.

Oct/Nov 2020: Insanity merges with another clan of similar strength called RedLight to form the clan Kindred

Kindred wins a few prots and a gele, but regresses from there as well.

November 26 2021: 2nd wave of players leaving Ascension merge with Kindred to form the clan Nameless.

The leaving Ascension members do it by surprise at a server reset, and the new clan wins Gelebron right at the reset.

December/Jan 2022: Nameless is decently strong in Arcane Sanctum, but Ascension retain the upper hand with full domination of Bloodthorn and Dhiothu.

With a bit of strategizing, Nameless is able to kill Bloodthorn a couple times.

Feb to mid May 2022: Nameless’ progress has plateaued, at this rate it looks like there will be no overthrowing Ascension.

However, Nameless manages to win another Bloodthorn and suddenly the morale is back up.

June 2022: Nameless kills Bloodthorn more times, and Ascension morale begins to drop, with members also being further frustrated by laggy servers.

Nameless kills its first Dhiothu by the end of the month.

July 2022 to Present: Ascension has gone largely inactive, Nameless is now the dominant force on the server. Ascension also asks for a merge with another clan called Lyon Dynasty but the offer gets rejected.

After approx 8-9 years of Ascension (previously known as Prime) dominating the server, they have finally been overthrown, and are now in the position that Kudos was in back around June 2020. It remains to be seen whether new content will bring them back, or if that’s it for them.

Re: Server changes

Wow, it's been a long time since I stopped playing.
Before Prime, there was ChosenOnes and Defiant, I was in ChosenOnes when these 2 clans merged.

Personally, I lost interest when The Otherworld was released, but I still have memories of using 4 devices at boss fights :D

p.s. I still have the 2 x origional Darkflame sets :o

Good times back in the day.
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D6nk6 lvl80 mage (retired)

General of PRIME
Proud owner of 2 full darkflame sets

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