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Re: Making money in fishing

The question was about fishing in Celtic Heroes, not real life, but i guess you already knew that and only made the account to post that link on this forum. How exactly do people make money from fishing? I hear from people that fishing is good money but I genuinely don’t see it. Also what do people ...

Re: Is this game still worth playing and spending money on it?

I used to play Celtic Heroes a lot and had a great time. However, it's been a long time since I've played it, so I need to find out if it's worth playing and spending money on. It's a niche game. If you're looking for something more popular, consider League of Legends or Valorant. If you're looking...

Re: Help me! S.O.S! Mayday Mayday!

You should upgrade your mount and pet with the tokens you get from your bounties. There's an event going right now, so make sure you do all 15 bounties every day. This should speed up the growth of your mount and pet. I understand your frustrations about meteoric bosses. I was in a similar situation...

Re: Sigil System.

Sigils regenerate health or energy outside combat, similar to Meditation and Recuperate skills. You don't lose regenerative powers as you go up in level, it just becomes insufficient because higher level skills use more energy and higher level mobs deal more damage. When you use sigils it will add p...


I think the problem is with 5g connection, it doesn't recognize the connection. It works fine on 4g for me.

Re: Beginner question :)

The only way to get more hotkeys is to buy them with platinum, but I wouldn't buy them this early in the game. Maybe you'll find out that you don't like the mage and want to play another character.

Re: Best way to make gold ???

You don't need to spend gold to level up fishing and you only need to reach the level 70 fishing spots in shalemont to start making money. That river has the highest spawn rate of shimmering waters. That is your target. The prized pike sells for 1200 and you can catch up to 30/hour.

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