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Re: Questions for VR

Some questions for the developers and owners of CH. !! This is not a post for ppls negativity. If you have negative comments, keep them for yourself !! This post is more or less to get some information about the future of CH and what we can expect. (if devs or forum moderators want to awnser) Will ...

Re: New item drop locations

Hellforged brace - The trolls huddled up in the middle Apostate Brace - South west corner mage in alchemical https://i.postimg.cc/SxTnWQ0p/B62-F43-E5-2700-485-A-B621-A73623-D2645-D.jpg [/url] Hellforged dropped months ago, apostate dropped within 24hrs prior to me posting this - they do exist and p...

Re: Dead servers

Zskill you add nothing to the forums but nonsense everytime. You live in your own world and don't understand anything. But you act like you know everything. Please leave forums.

Re: Dead servers

The server went downhill a couple of weeks ago when 3 multiloggers quit out of boredom with the game due to low drop rates and boring progression. Dhiothu has nothing to do with anything besides contributing to low drop rate frustration, idk why you are so fixated on this boss. I repeat, server die...

Re: Dead servers

If you feel that your server is dead, then transfer to an active server. If you dont want to transfer server, then stick to your server. Promote your server, recruit and invite new players. Help new players enjoy the game. Make your server a better server to play. Stop complaining and crying becaus...

Re: Dead servers

I’m not saying it’s down to the people what I am saying is I’ve seen the likes of Rosemerta and Epona amongst others recruit both new and transferring players by making pro active efforts to do so with good effect at various points.
Rosmerta can't even kill dino? Nice arguement

Re: Dead servers

I'm not against it but you guys haven't even tried, every approach doesn't have to be merging a server. Here's an example: https://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=100841&p=799833&hilit=Thereal#p799833 If that fails then this thread would make more sense but the only effo...

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