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Re: Ursa Fishing Braces

Pools of water deal fishing damage to the players concentration bar.

But I would imagine the rate of damage reduction is the same as it is with all other forms of damage/resistance.

Meaning it is likely an exponential increase/decrease.

Not a flat amount or as simply as percentage based.

Re: Login..

My husband has been having this issue and he is currently stuck again, this is the 3rd time this week! The past 2 times support got to him quick but this time it's been a while he's ready to quit. Is there a way to avoid this issue at all? Thanks for any help on the matter!!! Submit a support ticke...

Re: This game is so broken

You have done use super xp elixirs and wisdom elixirs or else the amount of time it takes to level or train skills is absurd. But if survival is an issue. You should try energy shield swaps. Investing more in vit or becoming an ice mage. As ice mages can nuke an enemy faster and easier without the n...

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