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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Here again I find myself sitting and counting through my endless riches with the same fear as always sitting in the back of my mind. I've begun to fear that time will be my only true adversary as I've come to feel its weight upon me. In days once passed, countless foes would band together and brave my treacherous cavern to try and retake their riches. But as of yet none have managed to even make it past that pitiful camp. I grow older with each pass of the seasons. Still there remains hope. The priestess has over heard the tolls spreading talk amongst themselves that they've seen more humans lurking about. They train night and day, HA as though that will do them any good. Let them come, for they too will meet their fate just as the others before them. Though I still must not let my attention fade for I know all to well the mysteries of luck against fate. My downfall could come at any wrong move I make by the hands of those pesky humans. As for now while they prepare themselves I'll wait. This gold doesn't just count itself.
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

So you heard the rumors, and their fairy tales, and now you want to hear the real story of Dal Riata?

OK, I will tell you. I am Lord Gelebron, the ruler of this fair land. I had military and diplomatic leaders that governed specific regions to assist. Life was well. We were a very peaceful community. My military generals Aggragoth, Hrungnir, and Mordris were very strategic, and defensive. Efnisien, could be a handful, but his heart has always been in the right place. My diplomatic leaders, Falgron, Pyrus, Snorri, and the likes were powerful, but normally did not fight, unless forced. There was peace and harmony. We supported travelers and traders constantly.

Then one day, everything changed. A ship carrying a group of individuals referring to themselves as heroes, arrived at the beach. We assumed them to be traders and welcomed them as we did all. Then without warning or provocation they attacked my Darkfell Picts. These men were simply there to protect the innocent from animals. Suddenly they moved on and attacked the Flamebringers who lit the way for the tired, the weak, and the weary. This is when we knew we had an issue.

We tried to block off areas, but they made their ways into Shalemont, Stonevale, and the Otherworld where they killed Aggragoth. Then they found the sewers, and Carrowmore Tunnels where they murdered Hrungnir, Efnisien, and even slaughtered Mordris. My generals didn’t want to engage them. They wanted to make peace. These “heroes” would have none of it. That said, my warriors fought hard, and killed many of these savages. But in the end, they were too much. These butchers made armor from the research, the skin, and even the bones of my people. I have cried so many times for my fallen comrades and friends.

As these barbarians continued their destruction of my land, I did my best to maintain our kingdom within the confines of my castle. I created areas in my castle, and built up my defenses. I kept my diplomatic leaders, but I myself, took control of my military and strategic defenses. My mages were summoned to create powerful elemental crystals that can provide me protection. I put soldiers throughout the lands to ensure the longevity of my mighty kingdom.

My advisors have come to me and informed me that not only have they infiltrated my castle but they have begun to decimate the last of my people. They are working their way throughout my home, and have scavenged better armor and weapons from my leaders and soldiers along the way. I never would have wished this fate upon anyone. I am a humble, passive person. However, the time has come for me to defend my land. My friends and family did not die in vain. They have had their chance. Now it is my time to show my land I am the mightiest, fiercest, and most powerful being ever created. Here they come…taunt me one more time…I dare you.

Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Emailed this story in a few days ago, but posting here for people to read:

Killain the Gladiator (497 words)

My wife was dead. The fever finally took her, as the chilling wolf howl tore the night air. Three times it bayed, and she arose from her deathbed as I clutched her hand, tears fresh in my eyes. She walked as if in a trance, striding into the moonlight toward the massive wolf with shaggy green fur and glowing red eyes. I knew from its size it was the legendary Cu Sidhe. My wife swung herself onto its back, and it darted through the clinging mist.

I tracked the howls along the river as the wolf joined its pack, horse speeding through the unending forests of Pictavia. At the crannogs of Loch Tay the pack struck North to Sidh Chailleann, the Fairy Mountain known for its connection to the Otherworld. The howls echoed off the mountainside as the wolf pack slipped into the cave’s darkness. I urged my stallion faster, but upon arrival I found no sign of the cave, with nothing to mark their passing. I spent six days searching, to no avail.

On the seventh night, dying from thirst and exposure, I saw a light in the forest. Searching for answers I came upon the camp of a solitary maiden, with fair hair and whose skin glowed faintly despite the firelight. “Who are you? How came you to this place?” I demanded with sword drawn in apprehension.

Rising gracefully, she laid a gentle hand upon my arm and spoke “Calm yourself, for I am the goddess Aerten. I tread the unseen paths to illuminate your fate by answering three questions. However, you have asked two, so you have but one left.” The only question that mattered was how I could find my wife. “Journey beyond the Western mountains, to the land of Dal Riata. There you shall find a portal to the Otherworld. Beware, your journey will be fraught with pain and terror.”

The trek was perilous. I forged through snow and wind threatening to blow me from the mountain path until finally I descended upon the lands of Dal Riata. Dal Riatans have no love for our kind, so I crept through the forests to prevent discovery, when I came upon a small band of Picts that had crossed the Druim Alban. I fell in with them for a night, but their camp was smashed in the early morning by soldiers of King MacLir. I was captured, and forced to fight my brothers in gladiatorial combat there in the woods as soldiers cheered the bloodsport. As twilight fell, I alone remained victorious.

A day’s march in chains saw me at Farcrag Castle where I was thrown in the dungeon, and sold to a slaver named Moyna. Under her service I now toil in the arena, as do you Balmon, to train the unworthy curs that ally with MacLir. But one day, I will have freedom, I will be reunited with my beloved wife, and nothing in this world or the next can stop me.
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

Hi, do you want to be friends? We can shake hands if you want, I'm not sure what your traditional greeting is since you just arrived from a boat.

Or you can kill me, that's cool too.

- Darkfell pict
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!

*The following is a tribute to one well liked and loved boss, who was always the most epic boss a player could ask for- which was taken out and replaced with perhaps they worst boss and certainly the worst location for a boss, though Shivercowl's new position is terrible as well (I would also like to ask Ironspike to be brought back and shivercowl returned to the Catas)*

*The following is 487 words long*

Dear Diary,

Our Queen is a master strategist. With her help (and Luther) we managed to take over most of the Macroin’s territory. Then these ‘heroic’ wanderers started coming. My scouts told of these stupid idiots who kept trying to penetrate their lines. At first they were slain quickly enough. But these wanderers were quick learners. Soon they even began slaying some of my friends the Defectors. Finally they made it to Greygorge.

When they first arrived I couldn’t stop laughing! HAHAHAHAHAHA! The poor idiots didn’t understand my trappers and guards were perfectly capable of killing them all before they even crossed the bridge. Finally these losers started to make headway against my guards. But they soon learned to stay well away from the swing of my mighty axe. I felled many hundreds of heroes as they tried to help the prisoners escape. They kept coming back, but I kept killing them. I mean, why not? Killing these unorganized losers is FUN!

Then some began to actually make some headway. The prisoners escaped, the key holders were slain, and my communications with our main camp were nearly severed. It was then that these *** decided to actually form up into something like a silly horde, with NO ORDER! I just blasted them two, four, even ten at a time- them being in groups was so much easier.

Then even they began to learn order, how to fight as a unit. They formed clans, and some of these clans made alliances with other clans. THEN the real battle began. Finally I actually needed my guards to help me kill my opponents, and I could no longer one-hit them. Finally I was killed. My guards and I, however, have some excellent healing potions given to us by the Connacht Druids- even being around one for a second can still allow one’s body to heal grievous wounds instantaneously, without even drinking the brew (which gives the VERY nice effect of reviving the one whose throat it is poured down, as you well know). I began to fall regularly, though I still killed many who would like to have killed me.

Finally, as I write these words, know that I would like to have continued my service to the Queen. My entire camp has only enough potions to last them another week. Hopefully a shipment comes in soon. Due to my responsibilities, I have decided to refuse the potion, allowing me to die one last time, perhaps never to rise again. Mayhap I will not die this week, but I doubt it. There are just too many enemies. And my patrols are more effective against the enemy if they are whole, whereas I would use too many potions this week.

Goodbye one and all, and mayhap someday our Druids can figure out a way to revive those who have been deceased for a long, long time.


- Ironspike
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Re: Competition - Through a monster's eyes!


Thank you all for applying and writing some amazing short stories :D

A great mix of dark and serious and amazingly funny.

We will be selecting and contacting winners soon!

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