1. Disable/Enable iTunes Parental Controls:

Launch iTunes → Go to Preferences from top menu. iTunes – Preferences…

Go to Parental Control tab → Disable access to iTunes Store and allow access to iTunes U


Once you have done this quit iTunes and then re-launch iTunes.

If it sends you directly to iTunes U without any problem, then go back to Parental Control and enable access to iTunes Store.

2: Internet Connectivity checking

Make sure you are in range of WI-FI router or base station.

You should ensure that devices such as a PCs are able to connect to WI-FI, and able to access the internet you are trying to connect to.

Try resetting your WI-FI router — Simply turn it off and then turn it on.

If there is still a problem, then you should try to troubleshoot WI-FI network and connections.

3: Software Update:

Check if your device (running iOS 8 or later) is up to date or not. Settings—General—Software Update.

Also make sure that your version of Mac OS X is up to date.

Please also make sure iTunes and Safari are updated to their latest version.

4: The Date-change Workaround:

Go to Settings → General → Data & Time

Now, change the Set Automatically to ON

Exit iTunes and App Store (multi-task switcher) and re-open them.

5: Restart Network / Switch Wifi-3G/4G:

If the Wi-fi signal is weak, there’s a strong chance iTunes store won’t open.

One way of finding out is to turn off your network and restart it.

  • Switch to 3G
  • Exit App Store/iTunes app (from the multi-tasking switcher)
  • Open iTunes/App Store again.

You might have to switch deom 3G/4G to Wi-fi and check it out.

6: Troubleshoot Firewall Issue:

How to troubleshoot issue on Mac:

  1. If you have firewall, your settings may be causing issues and not letting you to connect to iTunes. 
  2. At times, connection issues occur due to keychain issues. 
  3. Sometimes you may be required to contact your internet service provider and enable ports and servers over your network.

How to troubleshoot issues on Windows:

  • In case iTunes Store is empty and displays nothing but message iTunes Store, you need to follow these steps to fix the issues.
  • Follow these steps to troubleshoot iTunes Store connectivity in Windows
  • Now, you will need to configure Windows firewall to let iTunes access iTunes Store. 
  • Disable proxies if they are active because they can cause a lot of issues. Find details on this here
  • If the problem remains, contact your internet service provider and enable these ports and servers over your network.


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