Spring Has Arrived In Dal Riata!

The sun has risen in Dal Riata, our flagship mobile title; 3D MMO Celtic Heroes, will host the new Spring season event.

Available from today on iOS and Android devices, the update brings the invading Connacht Clans! Fight to aid Herne’s Hunters arcane quests and cross the leagues of Dal Riata to become legends as you hunt the mighty Eirinn dragons.
A challenge for the brave heroes within!


Heroes gather to battle the invading Connacht horde!

• Awesome new pets, you can train, upgrade and grant special skills to aid your journey.
• Challenge Smolach the Annihilator: The Connacht’s greatest dragon.
• Epic Bounty Vendor trades Bounty Tokens for a selection of valuable goods.
• Battle the Elite Huntsman in The Otherworld to gain special, upgradeable bracelets.
• Legendary, unique Highlander fashion and other rare items.
• Incredible new boar mounts.

Other improvements
• Enhance your adventures with a stunning new starting experience.
• Customisable chat box, allows you to keep up to date with your friends.
• Decide which quests you mark active, helping you achieve your goals.
• Auto Level system helps new players to get right to the heart of the action.
• Over seventy new bounties to engage with.

With hundreds of hours of gameplay, 3D MMO Celtic Heroes is available from both the GooglePlay and iTunes App Stores and is entirely FREE to download.


Celtic Heroes Official Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwL5Su0nBx0

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