Patch: 15/10/2012

We’re releasing a patch for the game today, which brings an end to the Summer Event and also introduces some more changes for Mages.

Please note that whilst we patch the game there may be some server disruption.

Changes include:

  • The Summer Event is now at an end:

    • The Crookback and Faerie charm vendors have left Farcrag Castle
    • The Flying Carpet vendor has also left Farcrag Castle
    • The Sunstones and the Sun Mask quest have been removed
    • The Sunflower Wand quest has been removed
    • The Summer Dragons and members of the Cult of the Moon have been made into extra rare mobs
  • Quests:

    • The pies received from Gaston the Chef are now no-trade
    • The top tier pies that Gaston the Chef hands out are now more rare
  • Mages:

    • The following skills now use 30% less energy at high skill levels:

      • Fire Bolt
      • Ice Shards
      • Incinerate
      • Firestore
      • All Lures
    • Energy Boost has been significantly reworked to provide more energy when a player has more Focus
    • Increased the Focus component power of Incinerate by 66%
    • Increased the Focus component power of Firestorm by 50%
    • Added a larger Focus component to Sacrifice
    • Halved the recast time of Lure
    • Reduced the recast time of Ice Shards by 1 second

If you have any trouble patching the game, please see our Technical Issues article in the Support section of the website.

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24 comments on “Patch: 15/10/2012
  1. Matthew says:

    This seems cool and all but when is Halloween stuff comming out

    • Justin says:

      Yea, when is the Halloween event coming? And what are the costumes going to be this year i hope its a grim reaper costume and the sythe that will be so AWESOME!!!! I LOVE THIS GAME!!!:)

  2. Cherjos says:

    I hope put some more skill points so we can use all new skill

  3. Dragonspirit says:

    Awesome!! i am sad that summer event is finished but i am so happy that mages got improved!!!! i will now loose less energy for skills and that is a relief and a super news! thanks for this patch we all waited for that to happen for us mages 🙂

  4. Dan420 says:

    is there ever gona be a update for rangers? kinda bored of my ranger but dont wanna make a new account because it took me so long to level…

  5. hatoyo says:

    I’m glad the mages are getting fixed, but looks like you’ve effectively ruined gaston’s pie quest, it was bad enough the tasty mobs give no xp (only the quest does) but now no tradable pies? and we mostly get the crappy ones now? the thing is, group lvling is the only way to go 120+, so unless you are a warrior tank, pies dont help that much at high lvls

  6. canaway says:

    nice still waitin on trade skill but mages defiantly need the rework I also an looking forward to the next event but I don’t care if it is a Halloween one irbid we have to make room for better stuff like this and wait till Christmas for another event lol but keep it truckin guys and well keep lovin on it

  7. Oskar says:

    good improved to magues but not good enought

  8. Proximus says:

    You guys should add a a bar that you can know how much xp left till your next level exemple like on the orange xp bars on stats you add like 821465 / 832541 , thats would be awesome!

  9. xXSKITZXx says:

    Whens holloween?

  10. Morgan says:

    Cool and when is the Halloween stuff coming out? Or will there be none. Also where do i send my comments in for the next update because i would really like to see more detail put into the diamond ranger stuff i just bought my bow ,bp, and leggings and feel the others (such as rogue and Mage) have more details then mine.

  11. Colbyb says:

    When’s the hollowen coming out caz I have Ben waiting for months I can wait for it plz here up fast

    Name : colbyb
    World :epona
    Level : 57 up
    Class : warrior

  12. Axmaster says:

    I have a few weapon ideas

    -flail (mace “ball” connected to handle by chain)
    -javelin (throwing spear)
    -ability to get weak spears at lower levels
    -magical staff

    Would really appreciate sum1 reading this
    PS: my rosmerta name is axmaster

  13. Gang3d11 says:

    When is the halloween patch coming up hurry pls most of us are rly bored alrdy pls hry thank u.

  14. Onyx says:

    For rangers. Please Make fire arrows and Ice arrows. Like with the frozen meteor armor. The arrows should be ice. And than fire, and if u have a magic quiv. The arrows should be like crystal or somethin. Please.

    Thank You

  15. goldendruid says:

    the dragon amour would be cool

  16. Seth says:

    Please please please dont add in brooms and pumpkin stuff make it other stuff like grim realer staff or a goblin hat or somethin like that. Also add in mini games in the castle were u can pay like 50 coins and if u win u get 150 coins. Last couple of things add a shop in castle were u set stuff in make ur price then just leave it there for others to buy and u come back later to get money or item back. Add in exp numbers like 12748/13000 and last please pretty pretty please add in an arena were u kill a lvl 10 1 * then 10 2* then 10 3* and every time u proceed u get more money or rarer stuff.
    Level/class:warrior 26
    Needs:i want money lol

  17. Onyx says:

    When is the update…. – ? _

  18. goldendruid says:

    That dragon armour is so cool and they should put it in game 🙂 the game
    Should have mounted stuff like horses and tigers and bears that make u travel faster and atk

  19. Stephen says:

    I just read, I am a ranger and would be all for a crossbow. I would love for it to either be faster than regular bows at same strength, stronger than regular bows but slower or slower and weaker but one handed. I think that would be an awesome addition to the rangers arsenal being that the only other weapon we can really use effectivley is a spear which to me does not fit a ranger at all.

    One other thing I think everyone would love would be the ability to trade with the shops. Like if you have one item thats worth 100k (shop price) you should be able to trade for something a bit cheaper like 10% mark down. So the trade would be 100k item for 90k item. Or you could trade two or more items for same deal like three items that would cost 50k, 30k and 20k for something that costs 90k. I know you guys need to make money so a good way to do that would be to limit the amount of trades each person could do each week or month or sell a medallion in item shop that would allow such a trade to happen.

    I am sure you guys are coming up with awesome ideas on your own or we would not have such an awesome game. These are just some hopes of mine and I am sure others will agree. Thank you.

  20. yuog says:

    Im not happy with warrior class pls fix it

  21. Sara says:

    I love Celtic heros but yesterday there was a patching problem I am board and can’t play I cause of it