Ostara has been unleashed!

Ostara: The Great Hunt


Greetings Heroes,

Spring has come to Dal Riata! Herne and his hunstmen have created a grand spectacle to challenge the people of Dal Riata but Queen Medb has sent her forces to disrupt the revelry.

Ostara is traditionally a time for great celebration after the long, cold weather but evil hags have been awoken by the sound of merriment and they stalk the lands bringing misery and despair. Free the people from their blight and you’ll be rewarded handsomely with gold and XP.

Eirinn Dragons and Emberdrakes led by Smolach the Annihilator have flown from distant mountains to reinforce the Connacht forces of Queen Medb as she seeks to gain more power over the lands. Great rewards await those who are brave enough to root them out and defeat them.

• New enemies

Eirinn Dragons and Emberdrakes
Dukat the Boar
Cabrach the Stag
Ursor the Bear
Connacht Knights
Evil Hags

• New items

Luxury Wyldgrove and Wyldshrine Jewelry
Luxury Eagle Gliders
Emberdrake Jewelry

• Springleaf Mystery Chest

Bug Fixes

• Removed cooldown on Mystery Chest usage
• Added new userflow to mystery chest opening
• Leystones immediately added to your map when discovered
• Players returned to leystone when traveling between Infernal Armouries and Bridge of Despair
• Fixed an issue that was causing low battery notifications to log some players out of the game
• Fixed an issue with Druid Exalted Dragonlord armour stats granting a larger energy bonus than health bonus
• Alchemical and Occult armour now properly grant skill bonuses
• Arrows found in the Tower drop quantity updated
• Arrows found in the Tower can now be sold to vendors
• Improved stats of Exalted Dragonlord offhands
• Reduced Grand Orb’s follow range
• Fixed a number of conversation text errors
• Fixed particles on a number of old event weapons


Release dates:

iOS: 14/04/2015

Android: 15/04/2015

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2 comments on “Ostara has been unleashed!
  1. Jason stilgoe says:

    I love this game so much, it would be grait if the game was on Xbox one

  2. Varbravecelt says: