Into the Maelstrom – Yule 2014

Deep in the Karpati Mountains…

Deep in the Karpati Mountains upon their highest peak lay Rath Torrannach. The mighty fortress encased in a maelstrom, its rocky exterior blistered and blackened with a multitude of twisted scars where forked lightning had leapt from the clouds to scratch its surface.

The raging storms meant that only the foolhardy would think to cross the high passes and of those only the keenest eye would be able to spot, let alone find, the entrance. The portal, sealed by thick black ice, had been barred to the outside world for centuries and held dark secrets which no man wished to uncover. The deep halls echoing with the sound of thunder lay desolate bar the movement of Boggan priests, tending to the vast tomes of their malevolent master.

In the throne room Taranis sat, drinking in the energies that surrounded him and waiting… waiting oh so patiently for the world to turn and opportunity to fall into his lap. As the great door facing him opened a smile came to his lips as he saw the bloodied and battered prisoner being dragged in heavy chains between the Skur guards.

A familiar face to all men. The Yulefather!


Jack Frost pursed his lips…

Jack Frost pursed his lips as he put the finishing touches to his new creation. The fine frostiron twisted majestically around the mystical ice crystals to create wings of such grace that lesser mages would seethe in jealousy.

The spirit of winter and passing time knew only too well why mankind had abandoned his harsh winters for the hope the Yulefather brought. The hope that Belenus would return and with him the rising sun, bringing life to the world and caused his icy landscape to recede.

Yet hope was thin, the Yulefather was missing and the gates of Rath Torrannach had been flung open. The forces of Taranis had become the scourge of men and worse still, at their heart, vast sentinels of his own beloved frostiron had been corrupted by the evil god. Twisted into living Monoliths of destruction who would blast the unwary with lightning and ice.

Mankind had abandoned him and yet he cared for them too and so, with a grumpy grunt, he stood from his work, gathered his forces and went forth to drive back the darkness.




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