Launch of the Samhain 2012 Event


We’re really excited to announce that today is the day we are launching our Samhain event, which will bring some new transformation charms, quests, bosses and much more!

Please note that whilst we patch the game there will be some server disruption. We hope to have the servers down for as short a time as possible, but please be aware that it may take some time to fully patch the game.

If you encounter any issues whilst patching the game, please refer to the Technical Issues article in the Support section of the website.

For some more information on the event, click here.

You can also get a taste of what kind of content the event will introduce by clicking here.

And finally, you can learn a little bit of the history behind Samhain by clicking here.

We can’t wait for everyone to experience this year’s Samhain event , and we’re looking forward to hearing what you all think of it!

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11 comments on “Launch of the Samhain 2012 Event
  1. Dragonspirit says:

    woooooohooooooo halloweeen all!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Khaldon says:

    Awesome !

  3. Kelius says:

    How long will this event go on for? I am working on getting some money to buy play to buy items but I don’t want to if event will end before I can earn my money

  4. Dylan says:

    The prices of things should be lowered by much, and the holloween quests should be easier, is there anyway you guys can do this.

  5. Wicket says:

    When does the event end???

  6. canaway says:

    absolutely hate this update seriously to fun doing any if it have 50 people up your ass as soon as anything spawns should have made the bosses completely once a day the shards kill anyone opportunity to do anything and they don’t spawn fast enough the witchs are lame to try a hunt down and if your not on a carpet or broom forget it again absolutely hate te update never been tho mad at this game but you disappointed me hard core if your not lvl 80+ just forget this update cuz it’s a hard ride geting ANYTHING had a dude yesterday come to ” help” us with a zombi boss in sv as soon as he got there he droped group and stole the kill havmt seen that guy up since how are we suppose to even get it once a day ? I think like the witchs there spawns should be random and should happen faster to many people to even try this update sucks so much for Halloween fun I think you made more folks toss there i phone at the wall , wish I had trade skills i could do on my own will have to just do the same old till te hype does down or just don’t do any of it the only neat thing was the costumes and like so many have already said they are realy expensive for just a new look wish runescape was on iPhone

    • canaway says:

      tryin to play past it but seriously the more I get on the more I hate this game after this update

    • Onyx says:

      Agreed. The update’s are getting harder and less fun just to play. And we should get some plat back please. I’ve spent to much. And regretting it

  7. Onyx says:

    You guys should make q quiver of arrows that do poisen damage over time. And if let’s say I have a golden quiv of ice. You should shoot ice arrows, and same for fire & magic, for magic they could sparkle like the faerie wings. And make them kinda misty.

  8. goldendruid says:

    True and there should be mounts in the game and u should be able to have the equip your weapons and still havethe mount