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let's fix this dead game in one forum thread.

Here we go, let's fix the game right here. No crying about end game, no being concerned about your own drops and trying to make CH protect the value of your invintory.

1. Monitization in this game SUCKS! It's a total joke. I have a philosophy about monitizing games. "Make people spend money because they want to, not because they have too". Remove chests, remove lix, remove bank/invintory slots, and please remove sigils. Make the game fun, and people will spend money. Look at CS:GO. someone spent $60,000 on a cosmetic knife. League there are people that spend $16,000 to unlock all of the skins. DoTA2 had a 46 million dollar player funded prize pool just selling cosmetics. People spend this money because the game is fun, not because they game is fun without the items.
I think WoW has my favorite monitization at this point, because it is pay to win, but it also isn't. Most specifically, the way that they monitize leveling is they sell a boosts for $60. That boost puts you to the level to start playing the new content in the game, and gives you a set of gear. This is what CH should do. Heck, I would pay $100 for my toon too skip to lvl 180. The current monetization is a system where what you pay for stuff and should be free, and you have to spend a ton of money to get it. 2 classes in the game are almost unplayable with less than 1k e-sigs. Backpack and bank spaces are so limited, you almost can't function beyond lvl 60. If I buy lixes, they are only effective if I already have a good understanding of how to play the game, and also have gear that is unobtanable at my level. When I open the premium shop, I should go "man, I WANT THAT!" not "Damnit, guess I have to buy this."

So replace lixes with a instant level boost. Ditch sigs, bp and bank expansions, and chests. Make sick cosmetics and just sell them. Need more to sell? Add a DLC zone, sell server transfers, name changes. Make the game fun so people will make it to end game and spend money.

2. The social aspect of this game SUCKS! You make a new toon, and start leveling, Lirs is empty. You get into the castle and everyone is afk. Crookback is empty. Carrow is empty. Shale is empty, besides some people that are 90% afk fishing. If you do see anyone actually playing, they are on a mount so fast they zoom past you so fast you can hardly see them. Finally someone notices their is a new person on their server, so they talk to you. They decide to recruit you to their guild if you seem commited. They add you to a leveling guild. Nobody is online, and if they are they are on 8 different lix farming with 2mil worth of lux. People on the server say that they are "super helpful" which is true, but unless they are willing to give you a stack of 300 combos your just stuck in limbo for the next couple of months smacking mobs. After a couple of weeks you see an advertisement for WoW. You realize that instead of spending a grand on lixes to hit end game, you could just buy a PC and a wow sub. You log out, never to log back in again. And can you be blamed for this?

Some of these things are the games fault, and some are the players. And honestly, some are jut out of anyones control. The game sucked people in back in 2011 with the awesome social aspect. I joined in 2012 I believe, and ohhhh it was fun. Not the game, but the socializing. One of my most fond memories was there was a day a bunch of us low level guilds started warring, and people would start going "I WAS A SPY!" then they would leave a guild and go join another. Obvously this was all very stupid, but it was fun. Now, if you wait 5 seconds before trading a boss drop to your chieftain, you are blackballed on your server forever. I believe that if the game where to impliment a better and significantly faster leveling experience to end game, that this would fix it's self.

3. The class aspect of this game SUCKS! I say that, but really what I mean is that the lack of freedom in what you play sucks. Want to play a mage and use lures? Can't someone in your clan has a dual box at every fight for lures. Want to play a druid and use wards? Same thing. Want to play a tank, a very common role in MMORPG games? Too bad, cuz your clan has one tank that they all have the PW too, so you will never outlevel it and it is on at every fight. I'm all for competition in a video game. If you aren't the best tank, the other person gets to be the tank. And this is not to mention that even if you decide to ignore that, cuz you just love tanks and want to play one... it is almost entirely unviable to level up a tank. You pretty much have to have 2 sets of gear, and use an alt and rebirth every time you want to switch from bossing to leveling.

Honestly not a lot needs to be done to fix this. If the leveling experience was fixed, then leveling a tank would just have to be more difficult than other roles, rather than being real impossible

So those are my 3 suggestions to fix the game. If you have any suggestions besids "please protect my millions of gold worth of rares so I can flex on new players until they quit" or "please optimise the loot table for an end game boss that only a fraction of players will ever get to kill" then feel free to post them here.

Re: let's fix this dead game in one forum thread.

Yeah, this is the reality of this games community. Someone makes a post full of viable ways to help revive the game, and nobody responds because it might effect the value of their "end game rares". I've been done with this community for a while, and I hope you all realize it's not Deka or OTM's fault this game is goona die, it's the boring and greedy playerbase.

Re: let's fix this dead game in one forum thread.

Maybe post this on reddit or discord. The forums has sorta been abandoned by the community.
The forums and most importantly the community have been abandoned by the devs. Their soul focus is on your rent money and how to make it theirs without becoming your landlord. They let glitchers and all manner of bs fester without lifting a finger, they don't care about community. That's why they went to discord. They can more easily control narratives and hide issues

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