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Really speechless......

Wow. I'm really speechless...... This is the second time.......
This game management team has a lot of problems.
My account was blocked even though I didn't use the 'bot' program recently. After that, I stopped playing the game for a while and came back a few days ago.
And I got blocked again today.
What the hell is the manager doing?
Once again, I don't have or have never used a 'bot' program.
Was I unhappy with harvesting crops?
I remember a player standing next to me by the time I finished my last play. I think maybe the player reported me. I must have looked like a bot.
So does the manager just randomly impose sanctions on the player if someone reports it without distinguishing if the player really uses the "bot" program?
I've never seen such incompetent manager in any game.
Wow, this game management's complacency makes me feel like I can't keep the game going.
It's really goodbye.

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