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Thanks to your amazing feedback and the team’s quick work we managed to locate all the update-related issues and are already working on a hotfix for next week.

Here is a brief overview of the current issues that we plan to fix with the hotfix:

- Quest icons and sub-objectives of it do not load up in QuestLog until you reboot the game from the main menu.
- Promote button is not available in the Clan Menu.
- Purple colored icon for the Clan banker NPC is not present in the game nor on the mini-map.
- Welcome tutorial staging is bugging before the last quest that leads to Lir's reach. For the time being you can try logging in a second time as a workaround.
- UI Bulk cooking is limited to no more than 10 dishes at a time.
- Only 5 toons/characters can be accessed on a particular World.
- The UI for attachments is not working correctly when attempting to attach an important item in the mail.
- Group and trade requests lock the screen.

Thank you once again for your kind cooperation and patience!

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