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Login Issue

Anybody else getting "account is already logged in. Please wait 5 minutes and try again error" message?

Name: Smoke/Cigar/SmokeTheTank/Pinhead
Level: 85/88/80/80
Class: Rogue/Ranger/Warrior/Mage
Clan: Solitaire

Ranger Stats: 270Str/60Dex/30Foc/100Vit
Rogue Stats: 240Str/60Dex/30Foc/120Vit
Mage Stats: 50Str/5Dex/40Foc/200Vit

Re: Login Issue

Yes plenty of people. You have to send a support ticket to fix, but I think there might be a server reset which will also fix it.
Signature updated as of December 10th, 2022

177 Druid Sulis
123 Ranger fingal
102 Rogue Sulis

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