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Re: DECA please post here too, not only on Discord

You have to get with the times.

If you don't get on the train you will be left behind.

It gives them a direct communication to their players and a lot of flexibility.

Also the world/the game is mobile.

Having a phone app to connect to their users suits them better than a form website.
Forum is a better place for detailed discussion/feedback/suggestions cause it’s easier to archive things so it doesn’t get lost. I like discord don’t get me wrong, but it’s not even Decas discord just an unverified community one. Makes communication kinda awkward and frustrating to some.
It being an unofficial/community server is better than it being official. It puts less work/stress on the company as they don't have to moderate it to look good, if anything goes wrong its our fault, not theirs. And... not saying DECA would, but our previous owners would unjustly lock topics and delete comments at times. It's nice to have a neutral alternative, which is what the discord is, a player ran means of communication. This is probably one of the reasons it got so popular, that or because of it being easier to access. I won't lie, it did get more popular once admins started joining, but that started with VR, not DECA, and even back then, the forum was pretty inactive. If you have any suggestions for us on how to improve our discord server lemme know, I do what I can to make it fun and fair.
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Re: DECA please post here too, not only on Discord

DECA is probably a lot more professional than VR was given they aren’t an indi studio. VR was horrible and being an indi studio gave them the freedom to act the way they did.

Verified servers attract far more attention than community servers. It’s the check mark effect, very similar to Twitter. One will pay more attention to a verified account than a unverified account. I think Community discords are great and should definitely exist, however it is a bad practice to not use an official means of communication via a forum or verified server. It sort of gives off the vibe that they aren’t all that serious. This forum thread I think demonstrates frustration that exists.

I just took a look at one of DECAs discord servers and I was pretty impressed. They know how to operate a big/popular one for sure.


In terms of this forum, it just needs to be updated. It’s old, crashes a lot, and has vulnerabilities as well as many flaws. If it was updated I think it will rise back up in popularity

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