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Oh my god! I just found out about this game!

Hi, guys.
It's my first time playing this game. I'm a person who needs a lot of time to adjust to the game. Game dummy... But I think this game will be so fun, so I'm going to try it. :)
The first server I accessed was 'epona', and I made a wizard.
Now I've played to level 15, and I'm a little confused.
Should I change it to another class?
I read a lot of comments asking me to do "Warrior."
But I want to be a wizard, but I die easily.
I'm only pressing "focus." This is it, right?

Re: Oh my god! I just found out about this game!

Welcome! For druids when you lvl you need 3 points on focus and 2 on vitality. That builds a DPS druid, when your higher lvl and have much more skill points you can go full focus. Druids are a hard class to start with so if you want an easier introduction go with a warrior or rogue but it's all about what you like. Hope all this helps you continue your journey and may the gaming god's be on your side 😊⭐

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