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True History Information about Goddess Rosmerta

I don’t think anyone has ever provided a historical description of the Celtic Goddess Rosmerta. Our server is named after this babe and I’m going to take a stab at educating everyone on important history n whatnot.

Rosmerta, a goddess loved by both Celtic and Roman Gauls was known as ”The Great Provider”. She is a goddess of fertility and wealth. She was worshipped in South-western Britain, Gaul, and along the Rhone and the Rhine rivers. I have a couple snap shots shown below that really paint the picture how amazing goddess Rosmerta is.

Below is a snapshot of our beloved Rosmerta giving some random naked guy some bread. Because obviously he has no clothes and must be hungry. She’s truly an amazing goddess. It also looks like she is zapping a snake with a flower wand. Because let’s be real no one really likes snakes.


Next snapshot is of our beloved Rosmerta giving some other random dude a chicken. By the looks of it it’s probably a marsh brown or dumpy and not your run of the mill standard white chicken.


And the final snapshot is….well tbh I’m not really sure what this is. The image quality is horrible and should of used a higher resolution camera regardless of whether if was created 1000 years ago.


I hope you can all agree our server goddess Rosmerta is wonderful and my examples just help prove that point n such.
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