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3 Events in 1


The Celtic Heroes Servers will go down for maintenance on Thursday, August 4 at 10 AM CET for approximately 1 hour.

It is time for another round of events isnt it? This time we are going to activate the “Critical legacy time with friends” Event in Celtic Heroes.

Starting on Thursday, August 4th after the Maintenance and ending on Monday August 8th this event will bring back Legacy Bosses and increased Critical Success Rate for Fishing and Cooking of x1.5. And if you think that’s everything, I can tell you that there is something else we have for you - Experience and Gold Gains will be 2x increased for the duration of the event, while you’re in a party with other players.

Fishing and Cooking:
You will receive a 1.5x increased Critical Success Rate while Fishing or Cooking in the game.

Play together with your friends in groups:
Description: EXP and Gold Gains are 2x while in a party with other players.
Exp Bonus: from 30% to 60%
Gold Bonus: from 30% to 60%

Party Bonus: Players in a party that are within 20m of a mob being killed will earn bonus gold and experience from that mob. You will not receive bonus gold and experience if you are in a party, but killing mobs far away from each other.

Available Legacy Bosses list:

Undead Fire Titan
Bone Giant
King Frostbelly Axe
King Frostbelly Bow
King Frostbelly Dagger
King Frostbelly Hammer
King Frostbelly Spear
King Frostbelly Staff
King Frostbelly Sword
King Frostbelly Totem
King Frostbelly Wand
Lord Icefist Axe
Lord Icefist Bow
Lord Icefist Dagger
Lord Icefist Hammer
Lord Icefist Spear
Lord Icefist Staff
Lord Icefist Sword
Lord Icefist Totem
Lord Icefist Wand
Ythair Sunscale
Solstice Drake
Solstice Hatchling
King Vorum Dreadbone
Prince Corvax Dreadbone
High King Ymir Axe
High King Ymir Dagger
High King Ymir Sword
High King Ymir Staff
High King Ymir Wand
High King Ymir Spear
High King Ymir Totem
High King Ymir Bow
High King Ymir Hammer
King Askold Axe
King Askold Dagger
King Askold Sword
King Askold Staff
King Askold Wand
King Askold Spear
King Askold Totem
King Askold Bow
King Askold Hammer
Lord Grimling Axe
Lord Grimling Dagger
Lord Grimling Sword
Lord Grimling Staff
Lord Grimling Wand
Lord Grimling Spear
Lord Grimling Totem
Lord Grimling Bow
Lord Grimling Hammer
Sunclaw Hatchling
Sunspine Hatchling
Sunclaw Drake
Sunspine Drake
Tarchon Sunspine
Synak Sunclaw
Witchfinder Cornelius
Witchfinder Maynard
Witchfinder Tancred
Witchfinder Conrad
Witchfinder General Hopkins
Witchfinder Ismebard
Natan Athatch
Athatch Spawn
Garanak Acolyte
Comrak Acolyte
Kron Acolyte
Galar Acolyte
Grath the Ugly
Grath’s Spawn
Tarile the Chilling
Tarile’s Spawn
Akais the Venomous
Akais’ Spawn
Urchaid the Overlord
Urchaid’s Spawn
Monolith of Tempests
Obelisk of Storm
Monolith of Tornadoes
Obelisk of Gales
Monolith of Hurricanes
Obelisk of Typhoons
Monolith of Maelstrom
Obelisk of Whirlwinds
Goil the Marauder
Emberdrake Marauder
Smoidrich the Destroyer
Emberdrake Destroyer
Garyn the Devastator
Emberdrake Devastator
Smolach the Annihilator
Emberdrake Annihilator
Mallach Witherleaf
Mallach Elder
Cronach Spitsap
Cronach Elder
Jalan Curseroot
Jalan Elder
Skain Banebark
Skain Elder
Srak the Scourge
Srak’s Cavalier
Hawn the Afflicted
Hawn’s Cavalier
Paradai the Blighted
Paradai’s Cavalier
Osan Marach
Osan’s Cavalier
Monolith of Frostshock
Obelisk of Frostshock
Monolith of Icescars
Obelisk of Icescars
Monolith of Blizzardgore
Obelisk of Blizzardgore
Monolith of Blight Tomb
Obelisk of Blight Tomb
Goil the Marauder
Emberdrake Marauder
Smoidrich the Destroyer
Emberdrake Destroyer
Garyn the Devastator
Emberdrake Devastator
Smolach the Annihilator
Emberdrake Annihilator[/list]

Re: 3 Events in 1

The servers are now up! Thank you for your patience!

In addition to the the usual end game bosses, legacy bosses are now also within the Celtic World and will appear more often. Bear in mind that it's not certain that they will spawn with the start of the servers.

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