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Re: New item drop locations

Anyone able to confirm what spot 5* hellforged trolls spawns I’ve been killing insane amount in mord pit of 4* all that spawn was wondering if it’s just one spot or should I be only killing the 3 by entrance
I just farmed one myself on Epona. This was just a few days ago and with that plus information others who killed it told me, it’s the troll that spawns to the close right in the corner when entering the pit. Right where the terrain goes up and there’s a hill around it. bone giant spawns right behind this troll too on the hill if it helps. That placeholder can be any type troll and ranges from lvl 180-183 until Hellflame Troll spawns which is lvl 189.

Re: New item drop locations

Question, for that bracelet do you have to keep killing the gruesome bears and ominous bears to get the maneater bear to spawn? Is that how I'm understanding it drops?
Yep it's an extremely rare chance to spawn the 5* mob. But a 100% chance to drop once it does finally eventually spawn. So it will be a grind fest of killing weak bears till you get the desired 5* bear.

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