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Bug on Gwydion Server

Hello, i wanted to ask if anyone has the same problem. I am stuck on the last "pet taming" quest at Farcrag Castle given by Druid Robena. It is the Imp Taming.
I got that one weeks ago and I did talk to the Charm Vendor about the Imp Taming. Now i shall be able to hand in the quest back at Druid Robena. But when I click on her all she says is "goodbye*". She has a "? " (questionmark) over her head, also i see that "? " on map. My questline says i should hand in but i cant complete for some reason.
I wrote to support two times but all they replied was that they will give the problem to the developers to fix it.
That was in march. Until today they havent fixed it so far.
Even after the last two maintenances they havent been able to fix it. What can I do now? Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
Greetings, Sweet

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