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Re: Insight and Questions From a 2011 Player

TheSequel wrote:
Purple hats wrote:
bob the mage wrote:So in other words undo the past 7 years of content.
Btw mages and rangers if they aren't dumb about where they stand can stand outside of Mordy range and any DG ranger worth their salt is ez outdpsing a DL rogue.

Also why be so anti-DG? Its insanely hard to get and it should be op to match it.

Anyways I don't think a game should redact things from 7 years ago, instead it should try and figure out how it can correct things as the game moves forward that correct past mistakes through the new content. Thats just me though.

In other words yes. Otm and VR, but mostly OTM did a unfathomable job. God awful job with the loot/progression/balance. Necro and Mord are still really cool looking fights that could be made even better through updated versions of them. Gelebron could also use some changes to make that fight more interesting. Like take the eye ball for example, what the hell is the purpose of it??? It just gets killed long before the raid begins and isn’t seen again for hours or whatever lmao. Incorporate it into the fight ffs. 3 very cool bosses, all 3 are being wasted away cause of years of mistakes. Think of it like this, they revamp gelebron, mord and necro into interesting endgame fights that play differently than before... would feel like 3 entirely new raids without adding any new raids. Much easier for the devs right?

I think BT and the dragon would play far more better if the stupid overpowered loot was gone and the raids got respective balance nerfs. Would require *gasps loudly* a competent beta test :0:0:0 one without dom idiots who just try to warp everything to their benefit while declaring war on every tester cause they can’t act like adults and instead with actual competent MMO players.

Also DG is broken and the difference between a full dg players and non full dg player is absurd. I remember when dom players complained and cried non stop “dg is useless we are too squishy give it a buff” until the devs gave in. Went from being high risk high reward to being essentially a broken set of armor which absolutely unfathomable on all competitive balance. Basically this game in nut shell ahaha, dom players making horrible game suggestions for their own benefit.

Suggesting making Mordy, Necro, etc harder so that only dom clans can kill them IS just making changes that benefit only dom clans. The solution is to break apart the bottleneck and make decisions that support smaller comp clans so that in time they can go head to head on those bosses you mentioned, and then ultimately on BT and dhio too. It is the fun of realistic competition that will bring bored players back.

No, because I also suggested giving every boss an ability that REQUIRES the use of edl (and maybe a new armor set like a CG armor set) to avoid, like what Gele and mord already have. Dg would have its edl buff removed so it returns to its state as a luxury armor versus a necessity that only dom clans could obtain.

If that were to happen, the competitive scene would balance out again because everyone can get their hands on edl easily, especially if the drop/spawn rates were boosted like they were for dl. Boss weapons should be reverted to being an alternate option to quest weapons, with higher tiers being better in different situations. For example, necro/mord weapons vs Dl weapon, gele weapons vs edl weapons. That would happen along side all the other jewelry and helm nerfs to basically all BT and weird neon blue dragon guy loot and some of geles loot and set the standard down to that of necro/mord (where stats can’t be stacked ridiculously high basically). All direct upgrades being changed to something unique which adds more variety in the loot.

Hrung could also be changed along with Proteus into proper full fledged endgame raids to bring the total to 7 endgame raids for players to sink their teeth into.

It’d be a project for the devs, but it’s a much easier project than trying to design a completely new raid like what they did with the dragon. I’ve never seen a boss be rushed so hard and done so sloppy. Do everyone a favor and don’t make anymore raids, just revamp existing ones because almost all of the existing ones SUCK AND ARE BORING.

Re: Insight and Questions From a 2011 Player

Theres no need to change loot system or boss drop. Theres no need to change the game or update this game.

If you want to save your dying game, the community should change. The Devs dont have an interest in CH because of the worst community ( Dom clans, botters, scammers, stubborn, toxic, etc.)

If community dont change, Devs will never update Celtic Heroes.
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I like roll system but i hate Epona because of bots.

Dont update Celtic Heroes until the community will change, from worst (scammers, stubborn, Dom clans, bots, etc.) to friendly community.

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