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Re: Will warhammer beta progress be wiped?

Questions about Warhammer: Odyssey should probably be asked over in the WH:O discord server (https://discord.gg/whodyssey) or WH:O forums (https://forum.warhammerodyssey.com/).

WH:O is not in a beta stage. It is in the first stage of the full launch (which is going to be spread out over a month and a half). As such, the servers will not be wiped at the end of the soft launch - that kinda defeats the purpose of it being the game's launch. VR has said that there may be a server wipe at some point, but it would only happen if they absolutely had to do it (e.g. if there's a major bug like a gold glitch that would take a long time to fix on all affected accounts).

The current plan is for new servers to be added as new regions are added to the game's launch. Those new servers will be the recommended server(s) for that regions, so that new players in new regions can start fresh, unless they purposeful choose to make a character on an older server.
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