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Mini games

Hey NeCRomAnCErr here. I want opinions about a couple mini games I've created for you bored endgamers like myself... I present to you, Tug of Druids!(tug of war) // Search and Destroy!

A full group of eight druids, all which are level one will be split into two teams will compete to teleport an enemy team member over to a certain spot using two simple skills, Rescue and Grasping Roots. I found the Tavern attic to be most suitable for this mini game. One thing you should know is any obstacles will prevent the Rescue skill from casting in other words, the obstacle is a shield.

Another mini game I've propose is Search and Destroy. It will take place at the Farcrag Bailey area with the same amount of game members and same skills. You will search and destroy the enemies dummy to win the game. Organize you're team for defense and attackers!

Depending on the group you may all use travel elixirs but mounts will not be allowed for these games. Grasping Roots tome can be obtained by the druid skill shop in Farcrag Castle or myself for free! The Rescue tome is obtained by mobs in Carrowmore. If anyone knows which mob in carrowmore has a good drop rate for the Rescue tome let me know!

The games will probably need some adjustments along the way buy I thought this would be a pretty awesome side game to mess around with! I'm confident many of you can use my idea to create other fun mini games!

Edit: I have realized Grasping Roots is utterly useless unless the game is hosted in Global Arena.

Re: Mini games

These sound pretty doable aside from the capture the dummy one given that you have to operate off of honour rules due to the distance between dummies and can't really defend your own dummy unless you've been able to heal them all this time. I was planning on running an ingame watered down improv version of D&D where only the dice decides who wins or loses though chances are improved depending on the choice you make (i.e. one shotting a Dragon with a rusty spoon is difficult and as such requires a higher roll, like 80+ to do instead of sneaking around it while it sleeps which requires 30+ to do) but due to not really figuring out the concept's mechanics and my dismal battery life I haven't done anything with it yet.

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