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Re: Screenshot Contest: Most Hideous Costume!

I don’t look ridiculous, you look ridiculous!

Server - Epona
Mage - Supernatura1
Supernatura1 - Mage - Level: 223+
TaintedBlood - Warrior - Level: 223+
Unnatura1 - Druid - 221+
Paranorma1 - Rogue - 114+
Skeleta1 - Ranger - 110+
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Re: Screenshot Contest: Most Hideous Costume!

HarmsWay 232 warrior


My friend got me into playing ch a couple years ago, he had me running around in these fancy duds except for the pants xD
Gotta love friends like him lol
HarmsWay 233 tank
HarmFull 233 rogue
HarmLess 222 druid
HarmsReach 228 ranger
HarmAgeddon 222 mage

Re: Screenshot Contest: Most Hideous Costume!

Server: Danu
Toon: LadyNymeria
Level 230+ Rogue
General of Ascension
LadysHeart Level 220+ Druid
Level 220+ Ice Mage Valyria
Heartsbane 220+ Warrior
Level 220+ Ranger Sweet Tansy
Dreamfyre Level 220+ Lure Mage
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