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Re: Petition for increased Dino drops

It would make sense for bosses to drop one drop per class. I don't know if people think random drops are better for some reason but I'd much rather consistency with a certain amount of randomness. Like say out of 100 drops ( just as an example) you are guaranteed every drop at least once. Once you reach 365 drops ie you might be guaranteed a certain amount of Imperial tier and one godly tier for every possible drop on the table. This is no different than what we already expect since all drop rates are even between comparable items this just garauntees that we will see all the drops within a certain sample size which with a totally random system there is no guarantee that a certain drop will ever actually drop.

Re: Petition for increased Dino drops

yes please!
Dhiothu mostly drops majestic stuff and you have to upgrade them (I think it’s 8 majestic for 1 godly which is awful).
So it would be great if it dropped any more than 3 drops...
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