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Re: Witch removed?

Romeo wrote:Idk but I want them to remove her now, can't even step foot in the arena without dieing by her

Big facts lol
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Re: Witch removed?

Z4beemer wrote:Definitus you said she will be removed for next event but will there be another boss replacing the witch or with oblisks be free to kill again ?

Everything should be removed. Towards the end of the obelisk event weekend thing it was literally down to a couple clans camping the obelisks with not much competition... I assume because everyone else just simply gave up because they couldn’t win against the stronger servers lol (or they were just too lazy to camp).

For the next event they should just do a similar concept but only have cosmetic rewards, that way those who enjoy PvP can PvP for some rewards while others don’t have to worry about missing out on anything big like an opportunity to get dino gear from some crystal lol.
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Re: Witch removed?

Difinitus wrote:
Stormrage wrote:Will she be removed from the arena for the next event? 0.0


I didnt find any details on the announcement for the christmas event about the witch o.o
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Re: Witch removed?

AzzurroM wrote:are we gonna have a huge evil Santa

Why would you wanna kill Father Christmas, no one would get presents :-|

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