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Re: Best drops so far from BT on Arawn

Ventius wrote:Very lucky congrats. I think that is only second imperial helm to drop so far. The last one was mage also

Nah, we had an imp tank helm drop a while ago so I’m sure other servers also have more imp helms.

13th Bloodthorn helm so far :D

@all other servers, let us know when the godly bloodthorn helm drops :ugeek:

Re: Best drops so far from BT on Arawn

Smellyunder wrote:Our second BT kill within one lix after competition arrived on Arawn. Best loots from a bt raid so far with a godly firestorm ring and imperial mage helm.

Helm is op but sadly ring isn’t that op.
Wish we had same luck :lol: one year and one month of killing BT within 24 hours of spawn and we have only gotten 4 royal helms ._.

Considering helms are class specific, it is unlikely we will ever have enough helms to matter in the gearing of our clan.
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