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donn server and your problems! exchange server.

I recently learned that whoever administers the donn is an ADM different from the other servers.

if truth I do not know.

with the update I noticed a huge amount of rare game items.

I noticed they had halloween event on other servers but donn nothing.

I studied a bit of game development and programming.

I say for sure there is a way to change the chances of winning a rare item.

the feeling I have is that on other servers this odds ratio is 30% while on the server donn have NO EVENT of halloween, (well I did not notice anything different). this rate is 8%.

Of course these rates are examples.

some friends say bought 200 chests and did not win any mount or egg for pet dragon. (yes it is possible what it should not be without speaking in the fact that the chests do not give 3 assorted prizes many give one and others to three, you will probably get more elixir.)

 it is not only a matter of ease in finding good items the maintenance is the worst.

I just got into others and the lag is much smaller.

If someone disagrees with me, that's okay!
but I speak with facts. many spend a lot of platinum in the hope of a simple unicorn.

while on other servers the mounts are very rare. like flying rugs I've never seen one in the donn in two years of play!

if it is true I do not know but if the ADM of the donn server is not the same as the others.

some other reason has.

The global arena shows that it is possible to swap server with your characters retaining LVL and items.
we take our heroes over time but the servers change and there are many reasons to switch servers yes.

Servers empty for many hours. clans that end up among others.

Re: donn server and your problems! exchange server.

I completely agree with you.
It seems to me that there are profitable servers (worlds) and non profitable servers.
the profitable servers have more items and more ppl playing.
Become of this the factors involved are mind bogeling to me.
I no longer buy platinum becouse on my server you only get a fashion
token and a bunch of lix it's not worth buying anymore.
On the side I have noticed most players quit around 170

BTW I've been playing since 2013 and have seen so many changes in attendance , developments, attitudes and decline of players.
On my server high levels only log for bosses they don't stay and help there clans or other players.

Re: donn server and your problems! exchange server.

I have only spent a few hundred on the game but i have noticed most the time selling chest and buying wanted items to be less disapointing.I have noticed some most clans break up as the top clan controls everything.Sad part is go on YTube and they brag about there banks while members make alts so not to be so controled. Sad when so many work on needs for eld so hard for there clan banks have it plus.I have also opened chest with some friends out of 100 not one dragon egg. But we love this game just wish we could take our toons to another world where there is more items and special days with more less controling clans.

Re: donn server and your problems! exchange server.

Yes it is better to buy what you want with gold than to wait for some chest to give you something.

as for control has made the game disappointing who plays a few years knows the market (action house). this is very different from what it was and the server life is no longer the same empty maps and very expensive drops precisely because of the difficulty it is to obtain without it being certain clans.
the clans divide and die because of this control.

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