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Celtic Heroes Disciplinary Procedure

Here at Celtic Heroes we really care about our players, and feel we have a duty to create a fun environment in which to play and to protect players from scams and other disruptive behaviour which may spoil their enjoyment of the game. We have created a disciplinary procedure to protect players from those who breach our in-game policies.

The disciplinary procedure is a tiered procedure, and is structured as follows:

Level 1: If a user breaks an in-game policy, the user will receive an in-game warning, telling them they have broken an in-game policy and should stop engaging in this activity immediately.

Level 2: If a user continues breaking an in-game policy after being warned, they will receive a final warning, stating that if they continue to be in breach of the in-game policy their account may be disabled.

Level 3: If, after receiving a warning and a final warning, a user is still found to be in breach of an in-game policy their account will be disabled without any more warnings.

Once an account has been disabled, a user may appeal this decision. The account in question will be investigated, and depending on the outcome of this investigation will either be restored or remain disabled.

If, after an account has been disabled but later restored, the user continues to be in breach of in-game policies, the account will be disabled a final time and no appeal will be considered.

Although all users are subject to this disciplinary procedure, if we judge a breach of in-game policy to be very severe, we reserve the right to disable an account without warning. Users may appeal this decision.
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