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Og game memories [Please read]

My Username is TorakTheBrave from Arawn. I joined the game back in 2011, nearly right when it came out. I'm looking for any old og players just to see if there are any left? It's been nearly 10 years now since I joined. I was 11, now 21. I quite literally grew up on this game as you can tell from my cringy old post. Seriously though, if anyone from OLD CH, I'm talking old as in they still sold the Christmas sleigh mounts, please reply on this forum, I'd like to see how everyone is doing. Best of luck- TorakTheBrave.

Ignore the above cringe leaving it there for memories when I was 11.

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Re: Og game memories [Please read]

I've not played from the very beginning, but here are a few things I remember. My Ranger got all Warden quests at the same level (I can't remember if it was 50 or 60 but it was all at the same level). Wisps in stonevale thought I know that only got changed a few years ago. Otherworld update first raid boss agrogoth. I don't specifically remember the sleighs in shop but I remember the clouds I always wanted to buy one but I was too poor. (I could have afforded the lower tier ones but it wasn't worth it to me at that time LOL). Shadow strike, attunement, long shot? What are these skills they never used to exist in the game. Dragon fire update.

Re: Og game memories [Please read]

Little hi little ho Minime of sulis here!Been around since late 2011 doing absolutely nothing but socializing, merching also please forgive me... role play... I WAS 12 OKAY. I didn’t really do much but run around picking up quest items or holiday trinkets. Mainly pumpkins. When covens came out I definitely was a massive contributor in 2012 for pumpkins, which may explain my obsession with covens...

I grew up in dal riata since I was 11(now 21) I’ve learned so much throughout my journey, and I continue to support this game! I don’t see a lot more in the distant future but at-least I can look back on some amazing memories.

Ps:I really wish I could find my old iPods I have TONS of photos of ye olde sulis
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Re: Og game memories [Please read]

Another oldie here! I don’t remember the year, but it would’ve been pretty early. I loved the old game. Went through the original “mask of Lugh” quest, not realizing how valuable later they would be. Haha. Got a cloud mount to drop from the cloud mobs that also dropped Stave of Tempests, also a black Beltane Dragonstaff dropped from something. I don’t remember what. Wish I would’ve kept it though. It was cool. I’ve got a 2012 Christmas hat in my bank.

My memories are of the “big boss” being Falgren and Atrisal. All the big players would gather to take down the mighty Falgren. I think the level cap was 90 or something. Almost comical to look back on, but it had a lovely simplicity about it that I miss.

Re: Og game memories [Please read]

Im going to keep this short. I started this game around christmas 2011 when i was 8 years old with my brother who was 11 on Rosmerta. We roamed around having tons of fun, saving up our gold to buy 5% sleds, silver growth charms, and trying to buy the ancient great maul because it did the most damage. We never actually understood the game until further years to come, but the cluelessness of the og days were so fun, and brought so many adventures. There was one time where one of my friends wanted to trade his golden shrink charm for my silver shrink, and i took it out last second and scammed him . When i went to try it on i accidentally dropped it and felt so bad. I still remember the dudes name was recoc on rosmerta. Those were the times :)
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