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Accounts disable (6th week)

This is my 6th week since my account got disabled because of exploting

Also the support answered me a week ago saying that they CAN ONLY ENABLE my main
(not the account i use for camping or dicing)

All i want to say is that if they can disable my alts and accounts why cant they enable them?
I need my alt(lower levels account)
Because they have my rare stuff like fashions etc......

This was my topic (topic that i send to appeals@OneThumbMobile.com) enable my wifi pin please (banned)
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Re: Accounts disable (6th week)

If you were banned for an exploit, i hope you dont get your account back in all honesty
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Re: Accounts disable (6th week)

So you want them to reenable the account with all the items you exploited for? Hell no.

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Re: Accounts disable (6th week)

Alienonmars wrote:They had given me one more chance...
:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Since you didn't deny the accusation of exploiting, I assume it's true.

In that case OTM Appeals has no obligation to enable your account. From what I have heard, the appeals that succeed are the cases in which the person was wrongly punished. You were rightly punished.

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