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Unwarranted ban and gold taken away.


So a few days ago I received a ban and about 30m of my gold was taken away on the grounds that I had bought the gold through a third party transaction.

Here’s what really happened:

I made about 27m gold (can check history of in game transactions, sold 2 pures 8.5m each, multiple phoneix eggs which I bought and resold, wyldshrine ammy of the sun 4.5m, BT ammy 11m, and a few other items which I cannot recall, but all these items I worked very hard for and sold in order to amass enough gold to buy DG.

2. I was about to go inactive so I decided to let my friend borrow all of my gold (can check in game transaction from over a month ago). He traded me off of his main (can’t say the name of toon) and took the gold.

3. I make a return to game and ask my friend for my gold back and he has now bought a new acc from someone (can’t say the name) anyways, he trades me the gold off of his new acc and then a few days later I get banned.

4. VR now uses third party evidence for bans, what happend was that he made another line account with my exact profile picture and name and engaged in a fake conversation with himself (Line lets you do this). (Cunning) basically forging the proof that I bought gold off of him. I actually have real ss of me asking him to pay me back and later him saying that he can log in 2 hrs.

This is unfair. Using third party evidence is not proof. I’ve lost 30m which I worked hard for over a period of 5-6 months ... again I challenge otm to see if I made that gold without selling items I rolled fairly for. They can also contact the players to whom I conducted my business deals with... I can provide more info. I just want my gold back

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