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Missing item in corrupted gardens quest

I am reaver and killing liches. I have reached warlord.
I have one quest called ”Aerial Assault on the Eastern Spire” where I am supposed to destroy the spire of strife.
I have only the last part left of this quest, to destroy the spire.
However, I apparently need an item for doing this, and I never got any such item.
I don’t have it in inventory or in bank either.
And, actually I don’t know the name of it either.
I only know it is a ring item to be worn, that gives some skill.
I suppose I need to request it from support, but there’s no limit of their confusion about this. I seem to need the exact name of the item for them to understand.
For those that go for lich faction, this item is called ”Tibia of the Grand Sorceress” but for reaver faction I don’t know.
Please help!

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