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Re: Is it possible to become a mix of a tank and a dps worrier?

Robert wrote:
Criminal wrote:I'll tell u the hard truth, its the worst decision u can make.

Tbh I think you’re being a little harsh... the reality is that what you’re talking about is only relevant if you think he’s asking can he be THE BEST tank and THE BEST DPS, which isn’t something you can achieve with a hybrid build, although presumably he only wants to tank when he has to and DPS the remaining time without having to constantly switch builds.

In which case it’s perfectly viable, I mean you’ll never get a kill but presumably you knew that when you asked the question. You’d just need some good swaps really that can make up for skill set switching somewhat, Godly Shields ring for example.

~ Also keep in mind it’s a level 65 asking this, his main goal will be leveling for the foreseeable future.

Frenzy / Defensive form is a nice level combo

Ofc Im speaking strictly at end-game clan based decision, because Im not a low lvl anymore its usually harder for me to advise them. At high lvl with a clan, u dont need to be best dps or best tank, but u want to be the best u can be for ur clan, which will usually result in "specializing" in one or the other roles, it'll benefit both him (gear wise, its much easier to get urself towards one role) and his clan (effectivity wise, it'll be more effective to be fully invested in one role), and if hes a hybrid (since he wants to tank, which isnt relevant for lvling really) tank-dps, then he wont get to tank the big bosses like main tanks do, which might result in him feeling frustrated that he doesnt get to do what other tanks get to do, because of how heavily reduced the effectivity of being a hybrid is.

For lvling, especially a new player, hybrid is likely the best choice. I will definitely pick frenzy-defensive formation over protective stance-defensive formation, since Attack is useful for lvling and frenzy gives a big bulk of it, while low lvl gear gives very little (not to mention low lvls dont really want to stop every 10-20 lvls to remax their mainhand ability). Frenzy is a very energy cheap dps skill with massive effectiveness, and defensive form is similar only for survivability.

Shatter pummel frenzy def form and double attack/bandage wounds are really good, cheap lvling choices. It wont be fast lvling, but the grind will be much easier until u can afford good lux gear and elixirs.
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