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Re: SirBlaze333's Warrior Guide

Hawkye wrote:
Criminal wrote:Bat charms are also event charms.

Only godly ones are worth to use

I didnt say whats worth to use, i said that they're event charms.
Godly Bathide is very useful, 80 vit, 400 health, godly blue one would add 50 vit for example, 500 resist and 500 evasion, also great, prob better overall, the godly bathide is more for health warriors.
The ice brooch is also great, 250 health, 250 defence, 500 energy, thats great defence bonus, some health, and a lot of energy, better than the 500 health, 250 attack and 250 energy.
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Re: SirBlaze333's Warrior Guide

Lvl 87 Warrior here from The Donn World on Android..About the stats...I dont eber play games like this..1st one ever..lol what im i a Tank or a Dp wonderin if i should stay the same or change them..i play solo most of the time...n i notice its getting a lil harder bye urself..so im thinking maybe i got my set up all wrong.. This is without my gear bonus n rings n charms ext.. STRENGHT -259 DEXTERITY-23 FOCUS-24 VITALITY-159....................With my Bonus from my gear,rings n other stuff..... STRENGHT-290 DEXTERITY-34 FOCUS-25 VITALITY-180.....So what do u think..i dont gave gold too buy stuff from the lux shop n stuff..i just got the sunbust armore n sword when u get too lvl 80...

Re: SirBlaze333's Warrior Guide

What you think about new samhain event charms? I was wondering if they are worth breaking my iron set. I tried royal charm of chitin, but set is still better. You think a godly charm of chitin (200 vit, +10 pro stance and shield wall) would be better than set?
P.S. Awesome guide, i followed it and i found it really usefull. Thanks for posting it :)
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