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Farming guide

This is a farming guide for those who want to know how to farm. Please do make any suggestions that I haven't put in the guide.

First off, I recommend you not farming until level 70 as you will simply not have the stats or the gear to kill the mobs effectively enough to gain gold. So if you are below this level, then I recommend you leveling up a bit more.

It all varies on gear and level but you should expect to make a few thousands per hour. You may get lucky and get a drop such as Gold doubloon which sells for 1500 gold maximum per drop. Also varies on classes which druids are weakest class to farm since high energy cost and most fragile with also risk of skills getting missed while rogues are best due to fast killing and are able to effectively survive mobs thanks to their defence.

Skills needed:


Riposte - best farming skill, this is a skill that you cast on yourself and it does high damage for a few seconds. To make most of this, gather a few mobs and set off riposte. I recommend maxing it as it's good for leveling.

Fast reflexes - might not be that effective at lower levels but at higher levels you will dodge alot. Works good with riposte as you gathering several mobs and that hordes of mobs can deal a fair amount of damage.

Life steal - you gain health while dealing some damage to mob. Wouldn't say it's necessary but it helps a lot. If your lower level and don't have this than I would stick with bandage wounds

Quickstrike - it's good if you want to kill 3* and 4* quicker but not necessary

Shadowstrike - same as Quickstrike but let's you teleport to mob and it hhas poison damage which is unresisted on almost every mob. Not necessary but it helps.


Pummel - fast high damage skill

Protective stance - protects you from high damage

Sweeping blow - attacks multiple mobs at once

Rupture - damage over time skill which can help against any 3* or 4* if you can't kill them quick

Giant swing - high but quite slow cast. It helps to kill 3* and 4*


Light heal - to heal yourself after taking damage

Explosive shot - damage more then one mob at a time

Rapid shot - makes your auto attacks faster

Steady aim - boosts your damage and attack which will allow for faster killing and doesn't require constant recast

Sharpen weapons - adds to auto attack damage


Firestorm - attacks several mobs at once

Fire bolt - fast cast high damage, aids to kill mobs still standing after firestorm

Fire attune - boosts the damage of fire storm and fire bolt

Energy shield - stops you taking damage for a period time or certain damage. This however will use up a lot of energy

E-Boost - only recommended for those who DONT have regen lux. This will regen your energy even in combat.


Stinging swarm - attacks several mobs and it is poison damage which is the least resisted damage type in the game.

Nature touch - heals yourself after taking damage

Lightning strike - fast cast high damage skill

Shield bark - increases armor so you take less auto damage. This does not protect against elemental damage though.

Embrace - heals over time so you can have it ticking while mobs are attacking.


70+ - Twisted tunnels ley in fingal

There are several rooms with several mobs in each one. Makes it easier to gather more mobs to set off riposte and that mobs are easy kills even without a lux offhand. In the bottom room at South of map, there is a level 50 bear that drops greater to royal ring which you can sell to other players which price depends on your server. Lower levels might not be able to kill it but if you have a warden or flint weapon with a offhand (doesn't have be lux) than can possibly kill. The gold drops here are pretty high per kill and that there is a chance of dropping elegant drop that can sell for around 1k at luxury shop vendor

100+ - Pirates in fingal

There is a island that has 3* and 4* level 85 pirate mobs which makes a good group to use riposte on however you may only want pull a few at a time as you may lose quite alot of health or die if you don't have defence or gear to survive unless you are 120+. There is also a pirate cave with a few rooms full of pirates with one room having a level 105 5* which you won't be able to kill unless in a group or high level. Pirates drop good gold and have decent drop to sell at vendor especially if it's gold doubloon. This area drops skill manuals that you could sell to other players.

If you hit 100+ and feel that fingal is more effective with survability and killing groups of mobs or just preference then stick with fingal

150+ - Otherworld Wyvern

These are level 140s 4* that can drop braclets comparable to the lux item braclets. Their drops sell for decent amount as well as a chance for weapon holders which can drop offhands or shard. You can grab a friend and farm these together while camping for aggragoth as well. - Thanks MichaelXXX

180+ Carrow Wyrms

These drop between 20 and 90 gold with spawn of a mob whose drops sell between 50 and 10k gold a piece. (Thanks legislative and brian777)

Hawkhurst smugglers - Recommended level 110+. These mobs gain about 15+ gold per kill and drop chests which in a hour you could get about 2-4 a hour which sell for at castle lux vendor for 2k each. Other drops include only coins which don't sell for much - (Thanks Paggasquid and Napol for this area)

Optional areas:

Dustwither - quite low gold and bad drops. Dont recommend this area for farming but there is the disciples and incarnation level 30-40 6* bosses. You may need some lux to kill and these can drop a few hundred gold with a random drop of a junk weapon or a gem. There also 4* that drop gems such as agate, amber.

Shalemont - These mobs drop a fair amount of gold and you have chance of defector spawning which if you can solo then they drop a few hundred gold along with a connacht weapon for collection or a medal drop that sells for 30 - 50 gold at vendor. I find connacht mobs drop pretty bad with arrows and other junk but weapons sell decent at the vendor. I find fingal tunnels to be the better area and that easier to gain groups of mobs to use an AOE attack to kill them.

Stonevale druid circle - There are druids that may drop quite a lot of gold and weapon or junk to sell at vendor. I don't recommend these as they have more hp than other mobs in area and that you cannot gather them to use riposte on

Sewer Lizard room - in murky vaults at top left room. These are level 85 4* but they hit very low and have high health. They drop around 30 gold per kill and have possibly of dropping shadow strike skill that may sell quite a lot. There is ancient Lizard mob that is a 5* which could drop royal ss, in some world's these go for 500k+ gold but it depends on your server(Thanks Friddoo). Also in the sewers, there is a room where spawns a elder zombie 5* with respawn rate of about 30 minutes(thanks Adrohan). This elder zombie has a chance of dropping skill tome or ring including royal shadowstrike as well

Bosses - they drop around 1k gold and it is possible to solo the low level stonevale ones and the meteoric ones. If you use multiple devices then you could take the otherworld bosses. It is possible for all classes to solo bosses which melee based will require pots, health elixir and haste while casters require energy sigils, pots and energy elixir. The amount you need will vary on your level and gear. Druids can solo their bosses earliest using roots to stop a boss in one space while using vines and stinging swarm for overtime DPS, lightning strike for DPS and skills such as nature touch, embrace, wards to keep alive. While melee classes can just lix up and use skills for DPS while use pots when necessary. You can also sell the boss drops if you killed solo but it is easier to kill bosses when in a clan although this MAY restrict you selling these drops in order to gear the clan as a whole. Killing as a clan will use less resources and quicker kills which if you can kill a few bosses a day then it will add up.

Carrowmore gold bosses - there are a set of bugs starting 95 to 110 as well as boggans starting 135 to 180. These are 5 star enemies that are notably bigger than normal mob that drop several thousands of gold as well as ring or tome that can be resold. These have respawn time of 25-30 minutes. You may need restos to solo and while these do provide great gold, there is a chance of pH spawning as well as other players may also be hunting these.(Thanks Adrohan)

A separate guide for map of these can be found here:

http://www.celticheroes.info/2015/04/ca ... e.html?m=1


Lux offhand - Blade/Axe or Dagger shouldn't make a big difference. Axe has strength bonus which will add to riposte and Quickstrike but dagger has the nice regeneration and that overall you are not killing mobs of your level but rather lower mobs so either wep should kill fast. Casters use the focus added offhand from the shop which will make their skills stronger. Rangers have choice of elemental damage or pierce offhand which it is recommended to go with elemental as that damage type is less resisted then physical.

Mount - These areas may require a lot of walking so if you get a mount it is faster gold. Your auto will be affected but not fast reflexes or riposte unless you got stat boosting gear but shouldn't make a huge difference and that you can still kill fast

Regeneration items - Get braclets or the amulet. This saves you from using meditate that takes up your farming time. I don't recommend the ring as it takes up a ring slot and that 5 regeneration is small. Some offhands provide regen as well as some of event lux items that provides plenty in combat energy and health but they are expensive.

Skill rings - riposte is preferred but lifesteal and max reflexes can work. You can get riposte rings from the fingal mobs. Skills like rupture, pummel, giant swing, protective stance will work for warriors. Druids could use stinging swarm skills if they are going to farm but could use self support skills like bark, nature touch, embrace etc to help them survive better. Mages can use attune skills to boost their skills as well as firebolt, Ice shards and firestorm skill to kill faster. Energy shield can also be used but it will use up a lot of energy.

Sigils - regen either health or energy depending type you get. Regen out of combat only, it'so useful as you don't need bandage wounds or life steal the next mob if you get health. Energy sigils can help if you in fingal running which while running you can regain your energy instead of standing for meditate to tick which is a waste of points at higher levels. Caster classes will require more energy sigils then health since they utilise spells heavier. Having many sigils for all classes makes a big difference as it is very time consuming to sit and refill your health and energy with just meditate, recuperate and bandage wounds.

Stats - There isn't really a build dedicated to farming. Just your normal leveling build will be good at farming but you may want some health to survive attacks and defence to dodge.

Example I would give for level 70 rogue no lux is that you have 350 stat points so maybe something like 100 str, 80 Dex, 30 focus and rest vit. But if you feel you leveling fine and can kill lower mobs effectively then stick with your current build. Warriors may follow similar build with less Dex and more vit while mage and druids at this level may follow a 3:2 focus to VIT ratio as STR and Dex aren't useful for them.

Gear - if you can, then get the quest line armor and avoid shop ones except maybe the flint weapon but meteoric is better for rogues than the otherworld shop ones and should last you until frozen or bone weapon. Shop armor provides stat bonuses which for rogue it is DEX and STR increasing their skills and some auto attack damage. For warriors it is STR and VIT which both can contribute to their skills. Druids and mages have FOCUS and VIT which will boost their skills while providing some more health. It should be noted that shop armor is better for mages and druids then the questline but there is option for duskshadow question which you will need to gather items to turn in for pieces of armor that provides focus and evasions.

If not in a clan, then I recommend you could either buy the discs for warden or buy some quartz gear but not flint as it's a waste for small bonus and weaker than warden. Warden has a nice aura bonus and that it will help you cast more skills and the health bonus helps. If your not in a clan than I recommend you to for leveling purpose soon and that the fact they make game fun!

Any gear above warden will work perfectly and need no explanation.

Best place to sell drops - Otherworld scavenger provides the highest amount of gold but require 25,000 gold but there are some merchants that can be used instead. I noticed weapons sell more at weapon vendor than lux vendors. If you don't have 20,000 gold then you can go to blacksmith in Farcrag castle who will give you same amount as lux shop with no minimum gold requirement(Thanks Friddoo). There is also Skill vendor that gives equal to otherworld scavenger and it is accessible to all levels (Thanks Reecelad) and the stonevale weapon merchant that also gives equal to otherworld scavenger(Thanks Offiues)

For more info to know were to sell drops check out this guide:

http://www.celticheroes.info/2014/11/be ... s.html?m=1

Hope this helps
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Re: Rogue farming guide

How about hawkhurst smugglers in sewers for? I recommend lvl 110+ for a rogue to farm there fast without any problems
Any noticeable drops that can be sold for decent amount at vendor or to other players?
Does 2k per chest in lux vendor sound good? And they drop frequently enough you can normally get at least 1-4 in an hour, sometimes more. Excluding the other crappy drops of coins etc. Drop about 15+ gold per kill excluding drops.
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Re: Rogue farming guide

Also u should add lizards 105 they are weak and easy to train/farm on with chance of shadowstrike dropping also the ancient wyrm spawns here and he can drop royal ss ring(ive gotten twice) and 3k gold idk about your worlds but royal ss is 400-600k in my world so he is well worth farming.
They live in the top left circle in sewers and anc wyrm spawn in the middle
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