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Lvl 185 lock rogue help

Need help in how to build a lock rogue (Which is better, Dex or Strength for lock rogues). What type of rings and stuff I need (Damage rings, stat rings, or skill rings). Genuinely have no clue what makes a lock rogue really. Any advice is appreciated!

Currently level 180 right now but heres what I’m using/planning on using:

Head: Mighty Shadowstrike Hrung Helm (+6, +400dmg)

Chest: Occult Top (Don’t know what stats it gives)

Shoes: Occult Shoes (Same)

Hands: Ancient beastbone (+300 quickstrike)

Pants: Ancient beastbone (+200 sneaky)

Offhand: Lvl 100 fire axe (Dunno what to swap it with)

Mainhand: Currently ancient wyrmbone but will swap with shadow fatal wound dagger

Jewellery: Comrak/Jalan BT set, x2 +40 dmg rings, lv180 haste ring, bracelet of souls, lesser riftskull brace.

Pet: lv4 yellow spider
Mount: lv3 brown bear

Stats: 221(701) strength
378(588) dexterity
10 focus
321(341) vitality

Health: 2801
Energy: 522

Attack: 3371
Damage: 1289 (1382 with poison weapons)
Defence: 1178 (2167 with fast reflexes)
Armour: 344


Rend (4 points)
Poison weapons
Fast reflexes
Sneaky (1 points)

Re: Lvl 185 lock rogue help

I prefer dex with str from gear.

The reason I prefer dex when using a lock rogue like that is you can maximize your 'attack' so you are going to have a higher hit chance. Which is very important especially on the first couple of hits because on a lot of mobs those hits account for who's going to get the lock.
Still want some strength through gear for -
Sneaky attack + Quickstrike

1. (Shadow strike)
2. (Sneak attack)
3. (Quickstrike)
4. (Poison weapon) Good for carrow
Buff with 4 before the boss spawns.
Sneaky or ss to start. I'd do ss/sneaky/qs

Double attack is also a very viable skill! Probably include it.

Some ideal gear would be.
A wyld sun ammy for the skill to increase dmg = higher lock chance

Shadow strike gear.

Direct skill damage gear.
Ex. Occult armour

Attack gear.
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Re: Lvl 185 lock rogue help

For lock rogue you want Dex and cunning. If ur not using do use breastbone gloves. Alch boots bp and pants. You’ll want haste offhand. And if ur using dagger then despoiler dagger. If not then go Dex spear. Skills shadow strike quick strike and lifesteal as your primary skills. Double and sneaky as secondary with your remaining points in poison wrap

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