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Re: Bow of the Four Winds

Feelmypain wrote:Yes exactly same problem lvl 203 no quest from warden probably drop it without knowing I need it for the future quests.

Assuming it's not tucked away in your bank, your best bet would be to contact Support - either via the ingame feature, or by sending an email to Support@onethumbmobile.com (note: don't contact them multiple times, or using both methods - that will only complicate the process. They both end up in the same place, so neither method is faster than the other).

Tell them that you are unable to get the meteoric bow quest, and that you suspect that you dropped the bow of the four winds at some time in the past. It may take a few days to hear back from them, but they should be able to help you out!
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Re: Bow of the Four Winds

From memory i had issues here aswell a ways back. In the posted ss it mentions the sky iron which had me confused for a while. Theres a whole questline around collecting the fallen star pieces and sky iron that unless changed in an update, involved the smuggler in the tavern, a fisherman at the docks and an NPC at the first ley in the catacombs. I may be wtong but perhaps try talking to these mobs and see if they have any useful information or quests that help you out.

Hope this helps
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