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Perks of a Ranger compared to other classes

People are always complaining that the Ranger is useless compared to other classes. I don't disagree with that, we don't have things that the other classes have. But has anyone tried to look for the positive things about the ranger? I am open to constructive criticism. If you have more things I could add to the list, feel free to inform me.

-We can kill enemies around our level before they can even get to us with the help of bolas and range

-Don't need a druid when in need of healing because of Light Heal

-When in a group, can manage to be support and dps at same time if you have the right build

-Longshot and Bolas is a deadly combination to quickly gain target lock if powerful enough

-Camoflauge is great when you need to slip past enemies to reach a safe spot to heal

-Cheapest class to play; why need armour when you can use bolas to avoid hits? You can survive with the cheap armour from starter quests

-When chasing noobs in the arena, you have an advantage with ranged attack if they flee :twisted:

-An all-rounder class, doesn't excel in much but is decent at everything

-Can escape AoE with ease

-Most efficient class for soloing high rated mobs without the use of pots and other items
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Re: Perks of a Ranger compared to other classes

Eiji wrote:
-When chasing noobs in the arena, you have an advantage with ranged attack if they flee :twisted:

I love chasing dah noobs :D
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Re: Perks of a Ranger compared to other classes

While I agree there is plenty to be discouraged about as far as skills are concerned. And as far as surviving, other classes like warrior for example, have a benefit. But I have always been satisfied with ranger. I think people just get discouraged due to the fact that much of the Rangers life time, and certain builds, have no dominant aspect. No one says 'we need heals. Any Rangers nearby?' Or 'dps lock group form up. Rangers first!'
While I think that to be mostly true, I don't think it is entirely true. I was also on the self appointed task to remake the ranger image in pvp which was relatively successful.
Still tryn to figure out how to kill warriors though :p

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