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Dex or Str?

Hello, I'm a long time ranger and I'm at the difficult stage of choosing between strength or dex. I'm currently lvl 156 and find my autos are hitting pretty low. Im a hybrid build at the moment. Whenever I level up it goes 1/2/0/2 str/dex/foc/vit.
So which should I go strength or Dex? I want the best for levelling, I normally lvl in a group but occasionally by myself. Thanks for the feedback and help (if I get any)

Re: Dex or Str?

For my build I use 900 str 400 vit with gear and 185 dex added from gear alone.

For skills I use






I find Str better than dex because once u start to get dl and more dmg gear ur dmg will be boosted greatly and it is much better than the skills we have. I would only go pure dex if u have good mordy/hrung/necro items
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Re: Dex or Str?

At your level, after you get 3 dl pieces you should have more than 300 str. Until you get those dl pieces, dex is better in general- for groups I know everyone likes light heal, and sharpen occasionally gets vocal appreciation- but steady begins taking sharpen down at your level.

Until you get dl, have 300 str. After you get 2-3 pieces you can start stacking str up.
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