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Ranger stats

Am new to this and haven't a clue to what I am doing and wonder if anyone can tell me if I am ok or if I should redo my stats. I am level 71 ranger and have:
strength 143
Dexterity 133(222)
Focus 25(42)
Vit 73(74)

This gives me health 719 and energy 401. For now at least I have never run out of energy and don't get killed very often.
Thanks for input

Re: Ranger stats

Depends on what your skills are. That said, you will quickly find out after say 10 more levels that you need to have the universal vit requirement. Which means your vit should be twice your level.

Don't put any extra points in focus unless you have no regen items (aka you absolutely have to because there's no other alternative).

Looks like your kind of going hybrid. Nothing wrong with that. Warning though, str doesn't do much of anything beyond 300. And until your level 150-165 with 1-3 dl pieces you shouldn't really have more than 200-250 str. At lower levels (where you are now) 100 str is sufficient. After you get your vit to twice your level, just keep loading up dex. Dex helps skills, attack, and defense. All of which are very important at lower levels.
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