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I have a revolutionary Idea!

How about people who want to make the ranger class better, unbreak skills should dedicate a post to outline problems (not complain about them but outline them) and work towards solutions. We will need a dedicated Moderator (who is extremely unbiased) and a dedicated admin or member of OTM, preferably who is unbiased. We also would need a dedicated group of people who will be able to calmly discuss this issue and find solutions. This would be the first step to being able to fix the ranger class and maybe we can have one less auto monkey in the class pool.

Re: I have a revolutionary Idea!

I have already outlined some (if not most) of ranger skill problems in my one ranger petition. I would gladly volunteer to be one of the rangers. I may prefer that we stay dex based, but I am willing to see some str based added too.
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Re: I have a revolutionary Idea!

LeGenDzZ wrote:For a fast solution, just make sharpshot STR based, double shot insta cast, buff defensive spikes, make steady aim insta cast.

Double shot is a clone of double attack. Shouldn't double attack also be made instacast?

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