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new ranger help

Hi there! I'm looking to start out as a new ranger, and I was just wanted to ask you guys for a build or what to go for and put my stats in or what armours weapons and jewellery and pets and mounts to,go for! thanks!

Re: new ranger help

Hey there, I haven't played much Ranger but I can give some beginner tips. Also is this your first character? Or gonna be your main? Cause then it will most likely will be a little harder and you'll want to plan a little more.

To start good skills are, Sharp shot, double shot (drops from mobs either farm or buy), steady aim, long shot (drop/buy) and I think barbed shot is also pretty good. For your stats I think ranger can get away with lots of dex. Check out some of the ranger guides they have good info. Horse is a pretty good mount and spider is good pet I think. If your server has cheap pet tokens then you can buy them and get a tier 4 pet, then do as many bounties as you can and use those to get mount (dont use for pet). Sometimes people even sell bounty pleges for less gold than you get for doing the bounty so buy those if its worth it.

Re: new ranger help

I won't give advice per se, but I will tell you what I do and in some cases why. I have a level 174 Ranger and it is my main.

Stats - I put into STR, DEX, VIT at a ratio of about 5/2.5/2.5 for every 10 points until STR was 340 base. Then I put into Dex and VIT almost equally, leaning a little more toward Dex. I stopped raising STR because it plateaus around 350-ish. I won't go into details on that for now, but you can search for those details elsewhere. Short answer - the damage formula has a square root in it for the way it factors in STR so at a certain point (300-400 STR) putting more points into STR results in diminishing returns.

Skills - I max Rapid Shot, Sharp Shot, and Light Heal. I keep Camo and Bolas high enough to do what I need them to do. Yes, there are people who will tell you Camo is a waste of points, but it's freaking INVISIBILITY man! And I love it and use it all the time.

I wear jewelry that gives me as much Rapid Shot, Sharp Shot, and Light Heal as possible - always favoring Rapid. I hot swap rings for every skill I have listed to get the max benefit when casting them.

Rapid Shot takes 60 seconds to cool down; I have it raised high enough that it lasts for 32 seconds. I am always working to close that gap.

I have spent zero points on Focus. I get all my focus and energy from a Wolf mount (gives dex and focus), a rabbit pet (gives focus plus an extra heal skill plus an extra energy regen), and jewelry.

The wolf gives an extra damage spell.

I cannot imagine using any pet besides a rabbit. Mine heals for 450 and gives 65 per tick energy regen.

I also wear an energy regen necklace and use a lux quiver that provides energy regen. I don't have energy regen problems.

My normal mode of attack is Bolas, Sharp Shot every time it cools down, auto-attacks and Rapid Shot every time it cools down, and the Wolf attack every time it cools down. I use rabbit skill during battle to heal and keep energy. I use Light Heal in emergencies.

I'm sure I've forgotten something, but that's the basics of the way I play.

Re: new ranger help

Pets I’d say shoot for yellow spider for its dex or a seedling. Your light heal will be all you need. The rabbit heal isn’t very good. Mounts go for either the wolf dex/focus or the horse str/dex. Your not gonna want to use barbed shot the damage it does is very low. It’s only useful at end game when the clan is putting up lots of dmg on bosses. Main skills go sharp shot. Long shot. Double shot. Light heal. Sharpen weapons. Steady aim. Then bolas/entangle. Any extra points after that go into rapid. Stat wise you only want points in dex/str/vit.
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